Pragmatic measurement programs are the key to continuous improvement. 

TPG, Inc. is a leader in the practical application of measurement.

An assessment is a key step to planning, risk reduction and cost control.

Our focus is to help make your organization more effective and efficient. TPG can save you money. 

Our products and services address areas such as performance measurement and balanced scorecards, asset management, productivity and process improvement, disaster recovery & business continuation, quality assurance, project management & planning, customer satisfaction, skills proficiency, and more! 

TPG provides consulting, courseware, methodologies and software to support all areas of the enterprise.

TPG engagement partners combine expertise in MIS/IT, administration, marketing and customer service to provide an integrated business solution. 

Client Engagements!! Summary descriptions of the engagements TPG has completed for our clients. 

TPG’s goofy metrics consultant is here to serve you: 

E-mail your metrics, process or project management Questions to He’ll send you Answers that will shock, amaze, startle, inform and, occasionally, please you!

For more information on our services, products and relationships, or just to say Hi, contact us today!

TPG, Inc.
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